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Special Features & Reports
Special Features  
Newport County area Legislators answer questions on hot issues at League of Woman Voters event
Click Here 3.22.14
Jamestown, RI tour of High street Right-of-wayThe RI Superior Court affirms the CRMC designation of High Street as a Public Right-of-Way. See what it looks like today. Click for 6.14.13
Jamestown, RI fly overNow that we've shown the coast others have asked our Digital Copter to
fly over the main land

Click 3.3.13
jamestown, ri shore line view 2012Do we have too many private docks? See for yourself. Join us on our 24 mile shoreline trip on our digital copter and count them. Click 2.28.13
Learn how Jamestown manages all its public services. Have a look around!
Jamestown, RI Facilities Tour by Town Council 12/18/12
The new Town Council spends the day touring town facilities. The Record tagged along.  Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 12.18.12
New Town Council 2012 - 2014         New Town Council 2012 - 2014         New Town Council 2012 - 2014         New Town Council 2012 - 2014         New Town Council 2012 - 2014
Meet Your New Town Council
See how they stand on important issues sent in by our viewers.
Click Here  Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. for our One-On-One Interviews
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.Take a ride with us Before, During and After SANDY
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 10.29.12
Jamestown RI, Candidates Forum
 Candidates Forum featuring State & US offices ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 10.24.12
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.
School Candidates Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 10.17.12
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.
Council Candidates Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 10.17.12
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.Shores Association has first look at Management Plan for monitoring 88 Town owned lots now under Land Trust stewardship Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 9.26.12
Jamestown RI, Democrat Forum 2012Standing room only at
 Democrat Forum  for September 11th Primary Candidates Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 8.27.12
2011 Election Results
School Committee  
Sarah Baines 593
Lowell Thomas 473
Bruce Whitehouse 518
Bond Issue
516 -Reject 368
The Final Count of the Mail-in Ballots at 9:00pm
Click for 11.8.11
Conservation Commission tours Town owned open space, conservation and conservation easement properties conducted by former Chair Chris Powell
We were there for you ... Here are all 5 tour clips  
        Sanctuary Trail Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt=     North Pond Watershed Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt= 

  The Shores Wetlands
  Orchard Avenue & South Pond Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt=  
Kit Wright Trail - Hull Cove - Beavertail - Racquet Road Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt=
 (Click for maps used in tour clips... Town&State   Farm/Forest   Zoning)

  The Conanicut Sanctuary Trail Visit
A new book "Jamestown, a History of Narragansett Bay's Island Town"
The Record caught  Hot Air rising at URI
Jamestown RI news and eventsOn the ground at the Air Show 
Jamestown, RI beavertail lighthouseThe Lighthouse and CIAA fund raiser
Tour of islandHelicopter Tour of Jamestown
Jamestown Windmill renovations newsWindmill has reconditioned vanes installed!
Jamestown Rhode Island
USS Forrestal Leaves the Bay (June 15, 2010)
Dutch Island Visit To Dutch Island by Frank Meyer
Jamestown RI, Flag Day Jamestown RI, Flag Day Jamestown RI, Flag Day Jamestown RI, Flag Day
Flag Day 2010 (Click Here for Videos)

Jamestown, RI News Fiew DepartmentThe Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department Museum
Jamestown RI, JamestownRecord.comTour of Rhode Island Resource Recovery to track Blue and Green bin recycling path.
Print Updated Recycling Information Sheets below. (Click Photos) 
Jamestown, RI  green bin information Jamestown,ri   Jamestown, RI        
Special Reports
Bridge Authority hears about options for permanent barrier on Pell Bridge and later votes on Toll Increases Click 3.19.14
RITBA Director announces 4 steps to improve safety NOW while moving toward full barrier system
Click 1.16.14
Bridge Authority covers report on barriers just 6 days before the Christmas Eve crash
Click 12.18.14
Another Head-on collision on the Pell bridge! The Record happens to be there and witnesses an unusual Christmas Eve event connection Click for 12.24.13
  UPDATE- 12.31.13. Driver of the truck has succumbed to his injuries! 
Jamestown, RI Conanicut Marina Awards 10/21/13Jamestown, RI Conanicut Marina Solar Project 10/21/13Governor visits to honor Conanicut Marine for Clean and Green operations
Click for 10.21.13
Jamestown, RI presentation on HealthSourceRI 9/4/13RI's Obama Care insurance offerings are reviewed by Jamestown's Christine Ferguson Click for 9.4.13
Jamestown, RI ethics commission at Open Gove. SummitAttorney General's Open Government Summit features presentation on Ethics for members of Boards, Commission and Committees Click 8.2.13
Newport, RI Historic Disctric Commission meeting 5/21/13Newport's Historic District Commission hears from Zoning Officer about policies & procedures for decisions Click 5.21.13
Jamestown, RI meeting of the Jamestown Shores AssociationGary Girard, former President of the Shores Association and Planning Board Chair shares his recollections of the development  Click for 3.27.13
Newport County, RI meeting of the League of Women VotersNewport County League of Women Voters holds a Legislator Forum hitting on hot issues at the State House Click 3.23.13
Newport, RI . Discover Newport Vistiors Bureau meeting 11.20.12Discover Newport group gets the big picture on Bridge Tolls from RI Bridge Authority Chair
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 11.20.12
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.Warren Buffett interview is played for the Portsmouth Town Council when they receive the Final Report from their Pension Review Committee Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 10.7.12
Wind Turbine BackgroundReview of Wind Turbine Headlines from 2010
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 2.1.10 Town Council gets Turbine Update
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.
Wind Committee Recommendation
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 2.16.10
Council Vote on Turbine gets hot!
Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.
9.20.10 Council Votes to pull Turbine Bond
Attorney General's Open Summit at Roger Williams College700+ public servants and employees attend Roger Williams for the RIAG's Open Government Summit Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 7.27.12

Governor meets with America's Cup World Series Host Committee for update Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 3.23.12

Portsmouth Town Council gets Actuarial review of their pension system.
This is a great learning opportunity.
Click for

School Committee candidates answer questions from citizens at the Shores Association Candidates Night
Click Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt= 10.26.11
Bridge and Turnpike Authority hold Public Hearing on rate increase at library to full house
Click Jamestown, RI., On The <img alt= 10.17.11

Bridge Authority explains toll issues to Newport County Visitors Bureau prior to Jamestown's Public Hearing on Monday Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.
General Treasurer Riamondo answers questions about Pension Reform problems and solutions at ALN Forum
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 9.21.11

Protesters interrupt Attorney General's Summit on Open Government to resounding applause Click for
GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON DISABILITIES has a public hearing for Newport County residents
Click for 7.27.11

PUBLIC HEARING on RIPTA'S Proposed Service Reductions highlights the impact to users dependent on bus transportation
Click for
Senator Jack Reed addresses constituents about International Affairs
Click for 6.17.11
Keith Stokes, Rhode Island's Director of Economic Development, reveals Economic Recovery plan to local business owners. Click for report  6.3.11

Jamestown, RI Bike PathWe took a tour of the proposed 1/2 mile connection between East Shore Road and North Road with Bike Path Committee Chair Bob Sutton
Click for the tour

Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) Representatives speak at The Shores Association meeting and trace their roots to Jamestown.
Click for meeting details

Jamestown RI Chamber EventJamestown Chamber of Commerce members learn about "The Power of Travel" and the effects on our local economy Click for meeting details

Sometime Tuesday night Fort Getty Pavilion crumbled under snow, just a few weeks after the Council gave approval for quotes on needed repairs. Click for meeting details
Jamestown, RI Property Assessments Property Revaluation Report - Values
Click for Details Property Revaluation Report - Changes
Jamestown RI Tour of Potter League  Visit to Newport Potter League
Jamestown, RI AARP AARP Chair tells the Shores Association about the new Health Care reform acts.

Tiverton Town Solicitor gives a workshop to Council, Committee and Board members on proper conduct, rules and regulations to protect the Public Interests.

Jamestown, RI Annual "Open Government Summit" on the Record!
LNG Senate hEARINGSRI Senate Task Force LNG Hearings (5)
Senator Reed and Jim Bakerargue Senator Reed visits Jamestown and has problem with reporters.
Visit to Portsmouth Windmill Wind Turbine Portsmouth, RI
Property Tax Map Property Tax Distribution Map & Report
Jamestown, RI Tax Assessor, Ken GrayNew Property Tax assessments with Vision Appraisal 2010
Jamestown, RI news on the recordDEM presentation about the benefits of Conservation Development zoning.
Jamestown Rhode Island Hearing Board 7.13.10 New Juvenile Hearing Board Gets organized

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