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Click for Question Video 1.)  Background
Tell us about yourself, and why you want to serve on the Council.

Click for Question Video 2.) Water and Sewer Repairs
As a Town Council member you will also be on the Water and
Sewer Utility Board, what will you do to address the underground
infrastructure problem?

Click for Question Video 3.) OPEB debt on future budgets
How would you approach the issue of increased budget demands by these mandatory obligations in order to minimize tax increases?

Click for Question Video 4.) Contracts for police, municipal employees
- Do you think there should be a Council member or members as part of the Town’s negotiating team?
- Do you think the Town should hire a professional negotiator?
- What is your plan for keeping wages and benefits at a sustainable level?

Click for Question Video 5.) Dealing with staff and the Administrator
Do you agree with the Charter regarding interference with
administration and how would you go about giving assurances
to Town employees that you and other members of the Council
would follow this regulation?

Click for Question Video 6.) Assignment of duties by majority vote
What will you do to assure the citizens that an action taken
by the Administrator was made from the majority vote or consensus of the whole Council?

Click for Question Video 7.) Powers and duties of the President
Should you be elected by the other Council members as President, review what leadership style you would follow?

Click for Question Video 8.) Open government laws regarding private meetings
Do you feel that the Open Meetings laws are specific enough to be followed correctly and how would you assure the public that they are being adhered to?

Click for Question Video 9.) Building maintenance
- What will be your “priorities” in expenditures for the Recreation
Center, the Golf Course building and the Fort Wetherill garage
and how would we pay for them?

Click for Question Video 10.) Fort Getty
Regarding Fort Getty, does your plan differ from the one put forth by the Council recently? If so, describe what you would want to change and how you intend to fund those plans.

Click for Question Video 11.) Harbor Management funds
What would your policy be regarding the use of the Harbor Enterprise revenues?

Click for Question Video 12.) Community Survey
Since the Comprehensive Plan is considered to be the foundation
document for a variety of Town regulations and initiatives, and since
there are many pressing issues that would benefit from input by the citizens, would you be in support of funding another Community Survey that would be distributed in the same manner as the 1998 Survey was done?
Click for Question Video 13.) Affordable housing Big A - Little a & Accessory Apartments.
- What are your opinions about Town contributions to the mandated “Big A” Affordable Housing,
- The support of “little A” housing and
- The Accessory Dwelling Unit program?

Click for Question Video 14.) Fire Emergency Staff Training and Public Safety
What is your impression/understanding of how the merger is going and what are your thoughts and intentions with regard to Jamestown's pursuit of ALS?

Click for Question Video 15.) Recycling - Pay per Throw
Where Jamestown’s most recent annual overage fee at the State
Landfill was $21,924 and absorbed by Town budget set asides, do you feel that these fees are significant enough to justify changing to a
“pay per throw” program to provide a revenue stream for the possibility of increases to overage fees.

Click for Question Video 16.) Financing out of the ordinary services or programs
Under what circumstances, if any, do you believe a proposal should be decided by referendum?

Click for Question Video 17.) Financial Town meeting rules and regulations
If you agree that this interpretation was wrong and not keeping with the traditions and intent of the budget amendment process during the FTM, would you be willing to put forth to the voters Charter
language that would clearly explain the rights of citizens to make motions for less than $10,000 at the FTM and remove any
confusion over the issue?

Click for Question Video 18.) North Island and the Jamestown Shores
-Land fill closure
-CRMC Rights of Way
-Water & Sewer Commission overstepping their authority

Click for Question Video 19.) Priorities
With this anticipated decrease in population to support future funding initiatives and understanding the financial challenges the community faces with the Sewer and Water district repairs, OPEB debt set asides, the Golf Course building replacement, Affordable Housing Mandates, Community Center repairs, the closing of the landfill and the possible Fort Getty restructuring, how would you prioritize
tthese challenges?

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