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Jamestown, RI... Dam Race John Bailey on his Dirt Bike 10/5/13Bob Bailey's son John, is an up and coming star as a Dirt Bike racer. See what it's like to race from his helmet cam. Video courtesy of a proud dad. Click 10.5.13
KitesHere's an Off The Record video shared by Ray Iannetta. The clip shows  an 80 year old flying 3 kites at once in the Washington State Kite Festival. He's deaf, so people hold their hands up and wave for applause. He flies 2 kites with his hands and the 3rd with his waist.  Watch to the end for the amazing landing of the last kite! Enjoy! Click 1.14.13
Jamestown RI newsWe were sent this link of an Osprey fishing and had to share with our viewers. Thanks Ray!
Click Here to watch!
   Chicken Cam (UK)     Coral Reef (Bonaire)    Shrimp on Treadmill     
(Click Photos)

Take a trip to Hawaii with our featured World Cams (Click Photos)
Imagine being a conductor... then imagine conducting a chorus with over 2000+ singers, then imagine they're at home all over the world watching your instructions on the internet...Here's what it would be like.  Thanks to Janet Grant for leading us to it.
The Video Should Play Here
We found this incredible PBS video of a peregrine falcon hunting in flight
with a cam mounted on its back. Wow!

The Video Should Play Here
Jennifer Lee from Talking Bird Films sent us this fun video from the BBC

This is a very moving Public Service Announcement from the UK

By putting a piano and catapult in the same headline one day we inspired
Dick Allphin to refer us to some very interesting clips.

(Click to watch great Trebuchet action)

           Piano Catapults


Jamestown, RI Panoramic ViewJamestown, RI Panoramic View

Our Beavertail Lighthouse tour guide Varoujan Karentz found some very interesting
photography of the island that is a must see. It's a very hands on experience.       (Check it out) Jamestown RI

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