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Town Council
and Water & Sewer Commission
School Committee - Planning Commission
Zoning Board - Harbor Commission
Other Committees

11/3/14 Council hears from The Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association about property owner's rights Click 11.3.14

Council agenda setting meeting accepts request from citizen to discuss more Handicapped Access issues Click

Water and Sewer Board reluctantly votes on water connection to Highland Drive property Click for 10.29.14

Town Administrator's vision of the future use of the PAC gets top ratings by the public at Council workshop Click 10.20.14

Town Administrator outlines the potential of adding the PAC building to the Town's facility needs Click for

Point of Order is discussed on closed workshop for Agenda setting ahead of Council meetings Click for

Water and Sewer Board reviews projected yield of water supply due to lack of rain in September Click

Town Council has full agenda that started with National Grid review of upgrades to the Clarke Street Substation Click for

Water and Sewer Board hears the results of Rate Study that supports increases for years to come Click for 9.2.14

Library presents update to Council and asks for their endorsement to proceed with next steps Click for

Town Council has workshop with Tick Task Force to review recommendations and goals Click for

Town Administrator presents proposed budgets for Water and Sewer users that will increase rates from 7% to 10% for each service  Click for

Fort Getty sailing school group complains to Council about Town Administrator's concern with use of 40 foot trailer  Click Here

Councilor Dickinson tries to have Public Hearing to fix Zoning regulations on Historic home owners Click Here

Water and Sewer Board votes on installation of 6" water service line for Hull Cove Farm Road properties Click Here

Library Board of Trustees meets with Town Council to present their proposed upgrades to facility Click Here

Council President loses patience again with timing of questions from the public at the only Public Hearing for the 300 page Comprehensive Plan update Click Here

6/18/14 Council reviews and votes on 5+ years of work by the Planning Commission after just one Comp Plan Hearing Click

6/16/14 Building Moratorium is addressed by the Town Council at their Regular Meeting after meeting with Planners Click Here 6.16.14

6/16/14 Council has Special Meeting with Planning Commission to calm concerned citizens about Zoning regulations
Click 6.16.14

6/2/14 Our Financial Town Meeting for next year's budget Click 6.2.14

6/2/14 Council meets just before Financial Town meeting to review Resolution #5
Click Here 6.2.14

5/19/14 Police Chief Edward E. Mello presents a detailed Department Report on Community policing Strategic Plan Click Here 5.19.14

5/19/14 Council members vote for State-wide plastic bag BAN endorsement requested by "creeping" Conservation Commission
Click Here 5.19.14

5/19/14 New Shoreby Hill residents ask Council not to extend moratorium blocking renovations to their multi million dollar homes Click Here 5.19.14

5/5/14 Members of performing arts organizations wait several hours to hear about Town's plans for Special Arts Facility Committee Click Here 5.5.14

5/5/14 Water and Sewer Board votes on Applications for new connections for each service Click Here 5.5.14

4/29/14 Council hears report on Cultural Arts and Recreation Activities Space Needs Assessment Click Here

4/21/14 PLASTIC BAG BAN pushed by Conservation Commission gets Council Support without hearing from local shop owners Click

4/21/14 Bay View Drive repairs dip into 2014/2015 budget reductions made by School Committee last week Click

4/10/14 Town Council reviews changes to the proposed 2014/2015 budget and new requests for funding Click Here

4/7/14 New Town Administrator is in attendance for his first Town Council meeting that had a full range of action items Click Here

3/20/14 Town Council gets detailed look at the School Department's budget for 2014-2015 that was approved by the School Committee Click

3/17/14 Town Council gets unscheduled look at possible changes to the Library from board President to "quell rumors" Click

3/13/14 Council gets Capital Budget requests for Fiscal 2014-2015 that included possible ALS service, Fire Dept. and Fort Getty upgrades Click

3/10/14 Town Council receives the proposed Operating Budget for 2014-2015 from Finance Director Click Here

3/3/14 Town Council sitting as the Water and Sewer Board learns about Dam concerns Click Here

2/27/14 Town Council wastes no time selecting a replacement for Town  Administrator post Click Here

2/21/14 Town Council meets in Executive Session about Town Administrator resignation and selects Interim Click

2/18/14 Fire Department shows the Town Council some conceptual drawings in their Strategic Plan presentation Click

2/18/14 Town Council meeting begins with an unexpected announcement from their earlier Executive Session Click here

2/3/14 Council votes on Zoning change that would make Shoreby Hill a local Historic District and create a new Commission Click here

2/3/14 Fire Department's Chief Bryer  presents Strategic Plan to Town Council for Budget Consideration Click here

1/27/14 Council is asked to make note of "quirk" in the Zoning Ordinance that requires all homes of historic nature to go before the Planning Commission for additions or modifications Click here

1/27/14 Town Council meets for a Goals and Objectives review for the final 10 months of their 2 year term in office Click

1/14/14 Council President gets updated on Administrator's implementation of Recreation Study and possible reorganization of DPW Click

1/6/14 Town Administrator has first crack at the recommendations from the Recreation Study team Click for

1/6/14 Auditors present Council with results of their 2012-2013 Fiscal Year Financials Click for

12/16/13 Former Councilor Kelly follows up on East Ferry pier upgrade suggesting Harbor Commission as a resource Click for

12/16/13 Town Council and Administrator met with the School Committee to review their budget for next year Click for

12/2/13 Council votes on Resolution for 6 month FREEZE on property rights to renovate homes in lower Shoreby Hill
Click for

12/2/13 Detailed Presentation of Recreation Study is presented by consulting firm with recommendations for action Click for

Fort Getty Pavilion parking and landscaping upgrades have Council facing over $500,000 of expenditures Click

11/18/13 Town Council Workshop with Conservation Commission highlights concern with chemical use as deer tick reduction strategy Click for

11/4/13 During Open Forum the Town Council hears a request for a resolution to improve safety on Pell Bridge  Click

11/4/13 Water and Sewer Commission learns of plans to tighten security at North Pond Dam Click for

10/30/14 Town Council digests Golf Course facility upgrade estimate of $2,252,250 - Adding Performing Arts Center raises total to... $3,724,000 Click for

10/21/13 Town Council gets first review of long awaited Recreation Study that will be used for future program offerings
Click for

10/8/13 Town Council has a Special meeting to
hire Kevin Paicos as Town Administrator Click

10/7/13 Law to allow Accessory Family Dwelling Units is voted on by Town Council after Public Hearing Click

10/7/13 Water and Sewer Commission hears about
water testing methods and emergency notification plans  Click  

9/16/13 Councilors hear both sides of Shoreby Hill proposal for first Historic District and Commission and take unexpected stand Click

9/3/13 Town Council hears about Community organizations needs during Open Forum Click

9/3/13 Water and Sewer Board meeting delivers a decision on rate increases for both services Click

8/19/13 Town Administrator receives a warm farewell at final Town Council meeting before his early retirement

8/5/13 Town Council faces Lyme Disease problem with action plan after hearing public comments Click

8/5/3 Water and Sewer Board hears recommendations about rate increases to address system wide projects Click

7/15/13 After an Executive Session discussion, the Council makes a decision about hiring an Interim Administrator 

7/15/13 Don Wienberg leads group opposed to Jamestown Vineyard's interest in retail operations at their Beavertail location Click

7/15/13 Council has forum on Lyme Disease from leading expert who confirmed that Jamestown's deer population produces 250,000,000 ticks a year Click

7/8/13 Council has Special afternoon meeting with Department Heads to consider an Interim Town Administrator

7/1/13 After Executive Session on Union Contracts the Town Council reconvenes  for their vote Click

7/1/13 The Jamestown Outdoors paddleboard proposal is heard by the Council for the final vote Click

7/1/13 Town Council sees the design of parking and other improvement concepts for the Fort Getty Pavilion  Click

7/1/13 Water and Sewer Board gets update on Water Quality and Dam Emergency Action Plan Click

6/17/13 Council votes to advertise for a Public Hearing on Shoreby Hill Historic District after one last delay request

6/17/13 Town Administrator reviews
details of High Street right-of-way court decision to Town Council Click

6/3/13 The new Town Council faces citizens at the
Financial Town Meeting to seek approval of their Budget for 2013-14  Click

5/30/13 Council learns which department is
responsible for maintaining Rights of Way at Recreation Study update  Click

5/20/13 Shores Right-of-Way
abutters speak out about citizen's efforts to improve access to non-abutters Click for

Shorbey Hills Historic District property owners and supporters lose patience with Town Council over Planning Commission's idea  Click

4/24/13 Town Council
approves the Budget for 2013/2014 that will go on to the Financial Town Meeting Click

4/15/13 Town Council takes another
look at budget before final vote that will send it on to the FTM for approval Click

4/15/13 Future uses of the
Golf Course Building is topic of Council workshop for public input Click for

4/8/13 Council continues work on
budget and hears requests from the public and the Jamestown Art Center Click

4/1/13 Council makes
new appointments to six Boards, Commissions and Committees to fill vacant seats Click

3/28/13 Town Council hears
School Department's Budget Request for 2014 Click for

Chief Mello gives the Town Council a full Report on the Emergency Operations during the Blizzard and updates Parking Regs Click

3/11/13 Town Administrator presents his
2013/2014 Operating Budget to the Town Council with help from Department Heads Click

3/9/13 The first 2013/2014 budget review meeting for the Council  held on Saturday morning with Department Heads Click

3/7/13 Town Council gets first look at Planning Board's work on the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Click

3/7/13 DPW Director presents the Council, sitting as the Water and Sewer Board, status of facilities including needed repairs Click

2/27/13 Town Council is asked why the Golf Course Building should be replaced if it did not collapse after the weight of snow from the Blizzard of 2013 Click

2/27/13 Town Council continues their work on Goals for 2013 - 2014 with feedback from Department Heads  Click

2/4/13 Town Council is asked to create a Shoreby Hill Historic District commission  Click

2/4/13 Council has workshop to select their goals  for 2013-2014 Click

2/4/13 Water and Sewer Board moves quickly

1/22/13 Mackerel Cove mitigation receives full review from Council. Vote taken on Conservation Commission's request to reduce parking spaces Click

1/22/13 Town Council hears Building and Facilities Report then decides fate of
Golf Course Building Click

1/14/13 Town Council receives really
big news from Auditors about retirement liabilities Click

1/7/13 Town Council meeting is highlighted by
Police Department swearing in of a new officer and others recognized for Honor and Life Saving

1/7/13 New Council has first meeting as the
Water and Sewer Commission. Gets detailed system overview Click

12/18/12 The new Town Council spends the day touring town facilities. The Record tagged along.

12/17/12 Town Council has moment of silence for
Newtown tragedy before meeting with School Committee and Fort Getty fees decision  Click

12/10/12 Town Council has Special Meeting to make major
decisions on the 2013 camping season at Fort Getty
Click for

12/3/12 Town Council meeting gets right into
Fort Getty plans during their first full agenda meeting Click for

Council and School Committee hear Actuarial information on Town Retirement Plans including OPEB (Other Post Employee Benefits) obligations!
Click for

11/26/12 Town Council has Work Session to discuss
changes in procedures and Open Meetings regulations Click for

11/13/12 Town Council is sworn in and then gets right down to business at it's first meeting of their tenure Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/15/12 Town Administrator
reviews to the out going Council members what has been accomplished in their 3 year term
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/15/12 Town Council members Schnack and Winsor have
one more tiff at their last meeting together Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/6/12 Town Council convenes for the
Rembijas Pavilion re-dedicated on a beautiful fall day at Fort Getty Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Council cuts most meetings for end of their term Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/17/12 Water and Sewer meeting brings the Budgets for the next year and projections for
future rates to users
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Challengers Prevail in Democrat Primary Trocki, Meagher, Mihaly, Levesque and Tighe will be on November Ballot for Town Council Click Here for Ballot Totals

9/4/12 Council keeps things light at last meeting before Sept. 11th Primary

Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Town Council debates and decides on fate of Wind Turbine at Taylor Point Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Hull Cove path and  conservation wetlands devastated by "cabana" property owner Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Campground's future is finally voted on by Council Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Council allows longest Open Forum ever recorded for Turbine and Fort Getty speakers Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Town Council details their vision for Fort Getty and lays out the next steps for changes! Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Water and Sewer Board hears status of reservoir totals with lack of rain Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Town Council speaks to rumor about Island Rubbish losing recycling contract Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Police Chief Mello reports on traffic enforcement stats and America's Cup parking plans Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Attorney Murphy address the Council to set the record straight on PACC license hearing Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

 Tavern owner at PAC has public hearing for license transfer saying process was "Cloak and Dagger"
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Financial Town Meeting budget goes to paper ballot for the second year in a row Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/21/12 Councilor Winsor and Council President Schnack have another heated exchange over meeting procedures
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/21/12 DPW Director presents plan that asks for Harbor revenues to pay for half of emergency repairs to East Ferry sea wall
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/7/12 Portuguese American Club is heard on license violation charges

4/29/12 Town Council hears report and recommendations from Buildings and Facilities Committee on Golf Course Building

4/23/12 Fort Getty workshop fills the Town Council chambers with public comments

4/23/12 Town Administrator presents final 2012-13 Budget to Town Council for approval

4/16/12 Jamestown Lions Club steps forward again to assist with Pavilion

4/12/12 Town Council reviews School Department Budget request and puts finishing touches on Administrator's Budget

4/2/12 Governor Chafee attends Town Council meeting for endorsement of his Legislation to Support Cities and Towns

3/19/12 Tree Committee presents Council with proposal for Tree Nursery

3/19/12 Wind Turbine Consultant presents project overview and recommends detailed cost proposals

3/19/12 Town Council President admonishes Harbor Board for Ferry Proposal
3/19/12 Was Councilor Bowen truly "flabbergasted" with Harbor?

3/14/12 Councilor Bowen directs Harbor Commission to recommend "One Way" Ferry proposal to Town Council for consideration.
3/14/12 Ferry request stalls at Newport City Council the same night

3/12/12 Town Administrator presents Proposed  Budget for 2012-2013
3/13/12 Capital Budget

3/5/12 Town Council hears Fort Getty Economic Analysis from Landworks Collaborative

2/21/12 Short staffed Council votes on $139,500 contract for 2012 FULL REVALUATION of Jamestown properties

2/13/12 Councilor Murphy addresses  retirement pay issue for Firefighters as Former State House Rep.

1/17/12 Independent Auditors present review of Town's Financial Statements for 2011 Fiscal Year

1/17/12 Council sees Wind Turbine simulation and cost analysis

1/17/12 Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority weighs in on wind turbine plans

1/17/12 New energy company seeks to partner with Jamestown.  Art Center could benefit first!

1/3/12 Fort Getty Pavilion replacement bids come in much higher than expected

12/12/11 Special Council Meeting gives citizens an opportunity to speak their mind about the future of Fort Getty

12/5/11 Council hears about plans to replace lost Penguin Plunge event with Jamestown's  First Day Penguin Plunge

12/5/11 Fort Getty issues, from future uses to 2012 Campground Rules, dominate Council meeting agenda

11/29/11 Town Council and School Committee review budget history and Pension impacts in preparation for 2012 Fiscal Year

11/21/11 Chair of Conservation Commission tells Council of their concerns about changing Zoning to accommodate wind turbine.

11/21/11 Wellness Center at former Press building faces final hurdle at Water and Sewer Commission meeting.

11/7/11 Town Council votes after Public Hearing on changes to Harbor Ordinance and Plan

11/7/11 Pay-To-Throw not the only option recommended by the Recycle Committee at their Workshop with Council

10/17/11 Town Council reviews Fort Getty Pavilion Preliminary Design with new accessory features

10/3/11 Council hears from Derek Hansen of Highland Avenue about Fort Getty "decision process" during Open Forum

9/19/11 New Police Chief Mello is sworn in and greets the Community at Monday night's Town Council meeting

9/19/11 Council hears some very bad, but not unexpected, news about the condition of the Golf Course Building

9/19/11 Councilor Murphy takes firm stand on adding water connections to the system at Water and Sewer Meeting

9/6/11 Wind Turbine Economic Analysis is reviewed

9/6/11 Jamestown's Tax Rates are compared to other communities

9/6/11 Town Administrator gives Council update on staff's handling of Irene while he was away

9/6/11 Town Council gets fixed on Fort Getty features in front of packed house of concerned citizens

8/15/11 Town Administrator reviews and asks the Council's approval of the new Police Chief's contract

8/1/11 Charter Review Commission's report on FTM and Recall reviewed by Council

8/1/11 Administrator explains how Wind Turbine Grid Connection could cost up to $2,000,00

8/1/11 Fort Getty Reggae Concert Permit for son of former Town Council member gets extra scrutiny  for fast track approval

8/1/11 Council picks Fort Getty pavilion architect and location in a 3-2 vote

8/1/11 Winsor argues for Sailing School Grant

7/25/11 Town Council reviewed 5 design proposals for the replacement of the Fort Getty Pavilion  Click to see designs

7/18/11 Road paving list is reviewed by DPW Director before contract is awarded

7/18/11 Council gets update of wind study at Taylor Point

7/11/11 Town Council members not happy with direction of Consultants work on Fort Getty options

7/5/11 Administrator updates Town Council on status of $750,000 Federal Grant for Wind Turbine development!

7/5/11 Town produced video recordings of Council Meetings hits legal question

7/5/11 Council hears details about Sailing School proposal for Fort Getty.

6/27/11 Westerly Police Chief Edward A. Mello was appointed to be Jamestown's new Chief at a Special Town Council meeting

6/20/11 Councilor Winsor's remark that Fire Department merger with the JEMS was done through clandestine methods sparks detailed rebuttals

6/8/11 Town Administrator presents overview of Fire Department and JEMS merger in preparation for Public Hearing

6/6/11 Financial Town Meeting... Paper Ballot YES Budget Reduction NO!

5/23/11 Town Council hosts Workshop for Shoreby Hill application for listing on National Register of Historic Places

5/19/11 Fort Getty future use question draws full house at workshop held at Lawn Avenue School

5/17/11 Wind Turbine Measurement System is up and "Chirping" at Taylor Point

5/16/11 Water and Sewer Commission hears study that says Island's Fire Hydrant Rentals Fee ("Public Fire") be raised from $75,000 to $200,000

5/16/11 Councilor Winsor brings up another conflict of interest question with the appointment of Chief Tighe's son Howie in EMS transition

5/16/11 Two Councilors question Charter Commission call back and makeup!

5/16/11 Administrator gives Council bad news about Retirement System shortfalls

5/16/11 Council hears Moderator on Financial Town Meeting claim

5/2/11 Taxpayers Association petition to require paper ballot at Financial Town meeting is reviewed by Town Solicitor

4/25/11 Budget is set for vote at Financial Town Meeting

4/25/11 Town Administrator updates Council about continued efforts for Wind Turbine project evaluation.

4/14/11 Town Council hears final proposals from Town Administrator for 2011-2012 Budget with increase of 9 cents on Tax Rate

4/14/11 Council listens to public comments on Emergency Medical Services report in 2 hour long meeting

4/14/11 Strong questions uncover another draft report

4/4/11 Large group of citizens attend Council Meeting to hear about Emergency Medical Services Review Final Report

Click for JEMS Letter to the Council

Cost Guard's plan for a new zone concerns LNG Threat Board

Narragansett project will be taking more trees than planned.

3/31/11 School Budget Hearing public questions uncover why "It's not good enough to be the best in Rhode Island!"

3/22/11 Town Administrator presents to Town Council a $210,000 price tag for paid Full Time EMS system

Council's Review of Town's Capital Budget is On The Record by Department

3/21/11 Town Council gets look at new Bridge Authority Buildings.

3/21/11 Dog walkers may be banned and fined for use of Reservoir property!

3/16/11 Town Administrator presents 2011-2012 Budget to Council with Increases and new EMS plan

3/7/11 Wind Turbine height limit may be adjusted for Taylor Point while new revenue challenges raise profit concerns.

3/7/11 State Reps answer tough questions from School Committee at Legislative Workshop

2/22/11 Council makes decision on update track of Harbor Plan and Ordinance after 2 hours of Public comments.

2/22/11 The Fort Getty pavilion plans are presented and Council picks 2 options

2/22/11 Request for "Recall Provision" in Charter unearths 2011 Election requirement for School Committee

2/15/11 Narragansett  Indian Tribe and the Town  may have found common ground over several issues that have been open for years!

2/7/11 Town Council weighs in on the Fort Getty Pavilion replacement plan.

2/7/11 Town Administrator presents 2 union contracts to the Council for approval

1/18/11 New DPW Chief makes request to upgrade Fort Getty Pavilion

1/18/11 Council seeks schedule for use of former Water Treatment Plant

1/18/11 Jamestowner is sworn in as new officer for  the Police Dept.

1/18/11 The Town Council learns about the search committee for the Chief's replacement

1/18/11 Council hears Wind Turbine challenges are growing

1/18/11 Administrator announces the selection of new Library Director

1/6/11 Council votes on $32,130 of additional consulting for a Wind Turbine at Taylor Point.

1/3/11 Auditor presents Financial condition of Town to Council

1/3/11 Council hears more on Turbines

1/3/11 Administrator submits NAGE69 Agreement to Council

1/3/11 Harbor Law Change Process is explained

1/3/11 Proposed Changes are outlined by Harbor Chair

1/3/11 Former Harbor Chair defends himself about charges made in letter to Town Council by Island Boatyards

12/20/10 Town Council and School Committee meet to discuss serious budget goals and future revenue constraints!

12/13/10 Town Council makes a decision on further Wind Turbine Studies

12/13/10 Water and Sewer Commission hears the plan for Department Supervisor, Steve Goslee's replacement.

12/6/10 Councilor Winsor wants a moratorium on wind turbine construction

12/6/10 Report on Congress of Councils stirs remarks about LNG Committee meeting.

12/6/10  Harbor Chair tells Council that commercial operator leases are reason for proposed rate changes.

12/6/10 Council takes on Bike Path Committee's request to lower North Road speed limit to 25MPH

11/15/10 Wind Turbine plans are urged to move forward because of vote to borrow $6.5 Million dollars.

11/15/10 Council hears plea about lowering North Road speed

11/15/10 Safe Routes to School continues to be delayed by lack of Narragansett tribe agreement.

11/15/10 Town Council gets good news about Deer Tick study.

11/1/10 Council hears results of National Grid's work to address Fort Getty's electrical problems!

11/1/10 Deal or no Deal? Mooring rate change negotiations still a mystery. Records held back!

11/1/10 Water Protection Fund status brings Shores member to ask "Where's the Money?"

11/1/10 Say What? 25 MPH speed limit on North Road moving ahead faster than expected.

11/1/10 A new direction for Wind Energy efforts is welcomed by group of East Bay towns.

10/25/10 Town Planner reviews background of Narragansett Indian's request for a supervisory roll over all Town construction.

10/25/10 What to do with Fort Wetherill is workshop topic.

10/18/10 Shut-off policy is reviewed at Water & Sewer Commission

10/18/10 Council Winsor asks her fellow members to remove Advisory from Town website.

10/18/10 The Record offers FREE video hosting for Town to save costs.

10/4/10 More Bad News for Wind Turbine plans at Taylor Point.

10/4/10 Fort Getty Master Plan workshops / Charrette are considered by Council.

10/4/10 Councilor Winsor addresses Council about Advisory web posting.

10/4/10 Council hears appraisal details on Fort Wetherill property (former the DPW barn)

9/20/10 Council listens to former Fort Getty Committee and others about future use of Property

9/20/10 Town Administrator lays out the options for the future of Wind Turbines on the island.

9/7/10 Council votes on LNG Resolution just before Congress of Councils

9/7/10 Town gets DEM ruling on landfill cap proposal.

9/2/10 Whitehouse will headline LNG Threat Committee's Congress of Councils next Wednesday.

8/2/10 Town Council made a decision on $614,847 for Down Town Upgrades

8/2/10 Administrator presents agreement for Animal Control Services

7/19/10 $6,500,000 Bond on November Ballot

7/19/10 Water and Sewer Board is asked to approve Affordable Housing hookups and to waive $16,000+ in fees.

6/30/10 Police Chief Tighe subject of Special Town Council Meeting

6/21/10 Fishing Pier rules not voted on by Town Council as claimed by Councilor Bowen!

2010 Financial Town Meeting

5/17/10 Councilor Bowen pushes for URI to review Planning Commission's work!

5/17/10 Fishing at East Ferry dock finally gets a firm decision by Council.

5/17/10 Councilor Winsor's LNG Work Group makes presentation to Council.

5/17/10 Cross Island - Ice Road - Bike Path was presented for approval.

5/7/10 Council Approves Budget. Reduces Dog Officer line item to Part Time. Tax rate will climb over 12% in excess of $1.00 per $1,000 of new assessed values.

5/5/10 Council reviews options for Fort Wetherill use

5/5/10 Fishing at East Ferry reviewed at Council - Harbor workshop along with Mooring issues

5/3/10 Council Postpones Budget Vote until Friday!

5/3/10 Animal Control Officer responds to Council President Schnack!

5/3/10 Wind Turbine purchase could be on the Town's November ballot!

5/3/10 Council votes on 2010 Harbor Fees

4/19/10 Councilor Winsor argues for her LNG Work Group to jump start Town's efforts.

4/19/10 Water and Sewer Board may add USERS!

4/5/10 At Monday night's marathon meeting the Town Council finally adopted a Coyote Management Policy... kind of, sort of, maybe?

4/1/10 Council budget workshop lasts 3 hours. Dog officer supporters continue to urge the Administrator to reconsider his position.

3/30/10 Second of three Town Council Budget Hearings held with School Committee last night

3/22/10 Town Hall packed with supporters of the Dog Officer who will be cut in proposed 2010/2011 Budget

Council President Schnack responds to Wind Turbine critics.

3/15/10 Council welcomes new Town Clerk at Monday's meeting.

3/15/10 Water Department finds water line breaks that wasted up to 50,000 gallons A DAY!

3/15/10 New Ice Cream Shop owner gets OK from Council to continue quest for approvals.

3/1/10 Town Council votes to raise fees on moorings $5 and West Ferry dinghy dock up to $450.

2/16/10Three outstanding Jamestowners acknowledged by Town Council..

2/16/10 Town Council approves Town Administrator's choice of new Town Clerk.

2/16/10 The Town Council voted on Turbines with heated discussion over number and location.

2/1/10 Wind Energy and the Placement of turbines will be the subject of  a special meetings this week!

11/5/14 Planners hear request from Simpatico for additional seating on raised deck and Finally fix Zoning language on Historic Properties Click 11.5.14

Zoning Board hears three applications for new homes in the Shores after several months without meeting Click here 10.28.14

School Committee has first meeting with their new Superintendent at the table
Click Here

Planning Commission is done with Buildings of Value issue and get update on Cumberland Farms changes Click

Harbor Commission Executive Director, Chief Mello provides update on several year end projects Click for

Shoreby Hill group speaks out to Planners about National Register homes added to draft of Zoning law changes Click 10.1.14

School Committee gets to hear from new Lawn School Principal, Nate Edmunds about first weeks on the job  Click Here

Planners hear from local business owners about move to make "guidelines" a Zoning Law Click

Bryer Beach boat owners are upset over tags that were given out by Deputy Harbor Master Click for

Planning Commission gets a break from Historic Regs and reviews 3 Shores applications Click

Staff looks on as the School Committee votes to approve a new Principal for Lawn School Click Here

Planners have heated exchange over more rules in Village Development District Click 8.20.14

School Committee votes to approve recommendation from search committee to hire new full time Superintendent
Click Here

Harbor Commission debates how to handle request to delay mooring installation
Click for

Planners continue to struggle with Historic Property Regulation issue Click

First time candidate for School Committee, Mellisa Mastrostefano weighs in on technology plan for 3rd & 4th grade classes Click Here

Planning Commission ponders how to move ahead with Historic Property Regulations and hears more public input Click 7.9.14

Town Administrator reviews changes to the funding uses for Harbor revenues approved by the Town Council  Click for 7.9.14

School Committee meets 2 Elizabeth Stone Scholarship winners and new Special Ed staff member Click Here 6.19.14

Harbor Commission continues to tweak Harbor Ordinance before Council vote to approve final document Click for 6.11.14

School Committee learns they are losing two top members of the Administration Department Click Here 6.5.14

Committee Announces winners of the 2014 Elizabeth Stone Scholarship Award Click Here 6.5.14

Planners hear from concerned owners of Historic Homes Click 6.4.14

Zoning Board hears request to build a deck that infringes on required set back limits
Click here 5.27.14

Planning Commission hears from property owners on list for potential special regulations do to Historic Preservation push Click 5.21.14

School Committee meeting features two
student presentations that received rave reviews from all  Click Here 5.15.14

Planning Commission hears from property owner who objects to proposed Historic Character Preservation controls
 Click 5.7.14

4/28/14 Harbor Commission meets to review CRMC's changes to their Management Ordinance before Council's vote Click for

4/22/14 Zoning Board makes a decision on Don Wineberg's Appeal of winery planned for Beavertail farmland Click here

4/17/14 School Committee votes to
adjust their 2014/2015 Budget again! Click

4/16/14 Planners continue review of what Historic Character Preservation regulations to send the Council Click

4/9/14 Harbor Commission has concerns about CRMC changes to Harbor Ordinance in addition to Council's requests Click

4/3/14 School Committee approves a significant 2014/2015 budget change to pass on to the Council Click here

4/2/14 Planning Commission hears suggestions from solicitor's office about regulating property classified as buildings of value Click Here

3/19/14 Town Solicitor puts a hold on Planner's Demolition Delay Ordinance for all properties along with list of Historic Properties Click Here

3/12/14 Harbor Commission gets notice of a damaged channel marker in East Passage

3/6/14 School Committee sees results of NECAP test scores for the District Click

3/5/14 Planning Commission moves toward regulation of historic properties Island wide
Click Here

2/27/14 School Committee votes on their budget needs for 2014/2015 Click here

2/25/14 Don Weinberg and group of concerned citizens Appeal "Winery" license for Beavertail property Click

2/19/14 Planners continue to mull the challenges of establishing Historic Preservation regulations Click

2/12/14 Harbor Commission goes over list of Assets for the Town Council's goal to develop a Management Plan Click

2/11/14 Planning Commission hears from Shoreby Hill property owner caught up in the 6 month moratorium Click

2/6/14 School Committee continues scrutiny of Department's 2014/2015 Budget requests Click here

1/30/14 School Committee receives the proposed Department Budget requests for 2014/2015 Click here

1/28/14 Zoning Board hears an application for a complete rebuild of a home built in 1904 on Walcott Avenue Click here

1/16/14 School Committee gets a Progress Report on Implementation of Common Core State Standards Click

1/15/14 Planning Commission hosts workshop that attempts to
answer the question about Historic Preservation values Click

1/8/14 Harbor board gets communication about former Council member Bill Kelly's request that they pay for ferry dock repair Click

12/16/13 Town Planner reviews with Planning Commission the format for January 15th Public Workshop on regulating Historic Buildings of Value

12/11/13 Harbor Commission receives detailed presentation from CRMC Aquaculture expert, Dave Beutel Click

12/5/13 School Committee hears student presentation on Oyster Restoration study and report on District's Special Education program Click for

12/4/13 Planners were asked to explain why Appeal language for property owners on Lower Shoreby Hills moratorium request was dropped Click for

11/21/13 School Committee votes on increase in payments to North Kingstown Schools after months of negotiations Click for

11/20/13 Shoreby Hill resident presents Planners a letter that "duped" several into supporting Historic District efforts Click

11/13/13 Harbor Commission reviews new type of mooring being promoted by Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership Click

11/7/13 School Committee gets student presentation of on-line book report technology being used in class Click

11/6/13 Planners seek to set rules for
Buildings of Value as Shoreby Hill Historic District proponents seek to be identified Click for

10/21/13 Harbor Commission meets with the Town Council and speaks directly to the issue of boat owners paying for Town road repairs Click

10/17/13 School Committee hears results of 2013 NECAP Science scores from department heads Click

10/16/13 Planning Commission hears two applications for 3 homes. One in the Shores and the others in the Village Click

10/9/13 Harbor Commission ponders over their role in regulating Aquaculture and Shell fishing Click

Planners begin work on Historic Preservation Strategies under the watchful eyes of Shoreby Hill residents Click

"Just say no!" Harbor Master objects to Spinnaker's Zoning request to plea for stronger parking restrictions

9/19/13 School Committee votes to put majority of
reserved funds toward OPEB debt account Click for

9/18/13 Town Planner reviews
feedback from State on Comp Plan update to Planning Commission before submission to Town Council Click for

9/11/13 Harbor Commission hears action plan about
parking regarding Maximum Number of Beach Permits Click

Public Works Department's Environmental Engineer explains concerns to Planning Commission about plans for home on Catamaran Street Click

8/22/13 School Committee receives
results of Race To The Top performance of Department for last year Click

Harbor Commission reviews a proposal to limit permits for small boats stored at beach sites Click

8/7/13 Planner alerts Commission that
"Buildings of Value" in the Village District are under their authority to identify and

25 year old School Committee decision settles proposal to change names of Melrose and Lawn Schools Click

7/17/13 Planners get a taste of
Shoreby Hill residents scrutiny over new neighbor's home renovation plans Click

7/10/13 Harbor Commission hears concerns from
mooring holders who could be moved by Marina's improvement plan Click

School Committee meets and approves new teachers and learn about Tara Higgins memorial Click

6/19/13 Planners mull through
Flood Plain Ordinance to be added to Zoning rules at the request of State and Federal Agencies
Click for

6/19/13 Harbor Commission gets a
detailed update from Conanicut Marina about improvement plans Click

6/6/13 School Committee receives 5th Grade
Student Presentation of Socratic Seminar on GMO Food Issue Click

6/5/13 Planners hear concerns about potential legal and staff
costs to the town for Shoreby Hill Historic District Click

5/28/13 Zoning Board finally decides the fate of Shores High Ground Water Table overlay district application  Click

5/23/13 Friends of Jamestown Youth present the School Committee results of their Health and Wellness Survey dealing with substance abuse Click

5/23/13 Superintendent Lukon reveals the Jamestown School ranking from the
RI-CAN 2013
District Report Card

5/15/13 Planners work on Shoreby Hill Historic District under direct scrutiny of Council leadership Click

5/8/13 Harbor Commission reviews conditions of interim approval of Management Plan by CRMC Click

5/2/13 School Committee gives official response  to the Jamestown Teachers Association letter of concerns Click

5/1/13 Planners hear concerns from Shorbey Hill Historic District supporters who are seeking to be appointed Click

4/25/13 School Committee prepares for negotiations with North Kingston over continuation of contract and tuition fees Click

4/23/13 Zoning Board hears a request for seating of 190 guests at Simpatico Jamestown Click

4/11/13 Assessments workshop was held to improve understanding for teachers, administration & parents Click

4/11/13 Melrose students present their recent art projects to the members of the School Committee and their very  proud parents Click

4/11/13 Two non-profits receive an answer about their request to have the School facility usage fees reduced Click

4/11/13 Director of Finance, Jane Littlefield presents final budget totals for 2013/2014 with an unexpected adjustment  Click

4/11/13 Town Council members ask the School Committee for additional financial considerations from the Department's reduced budget Click

4/10/13 Harbor Commission learns about problems with Jamestown Shores public rights-of-way to the water Click

4/3/13 Planners continue to mull over High Ground Water Zoning application and Shoreby Hill Historic District Click

3/26/13  Zoning Board meets for two applications seeking Special Use Permits in the Shores High Groundwater District

3/21/13 Pay rates for substitute teachers are reviewed by Committee members and staff after request for increase Click

3/20/13 School Committee hosts meeting with teachers to face concerns about communications with Administration

3/20/13 Simpatico design team returns to the Planning Commission with more changes to the restaurant layout

3/13/13 Harbor Commission has back to back meetings to finish Budget work needed to set fees Click

3/6/13 Planners reluctant to approve Shoreby Hill Historic District ordinance as formulated by neighborhood group

2/28/13 Curriculum Director gives a detailed report on improved NECAP test results

Finance Director presents additional  reductions in budget before Committee vote Click

Talks with the teacher's Union causes Committee members to take exception with the JTA's charges of deceptive budget practices! Click

School Committee lays out plans for dealing with JTA teacher's Union concerns with leadership Click

Planning Commission hears follow up on Shores Rights of Way along with disclosures about applicant's family as co-abutter  Click

Harbor Commission continues with the Marine Development Fund budget review. Hears Appeal on Mooring Permit Forfeiture. Click

2/7/13 Emergency Vote is taken to speed up implementation of
Security Upgrades at School buildings Click

2/7/13 School Committee receive a presentation and demo from two of our
Robotics Teams Click

2/6/13 Planning Commission hears 2 applications in the
Shores under the High Ground Water Ordinance. 29 Seaside & on Stern Click

1/31/13 School Committee receives
Budget Proposal for 2013/2014 from the Superintendent that has a reduction over the previous year! Click

1/17/13 School Committee receives official word about a $7,657,200.00 drop in the department's long term pension liability Click

1/16/13 Planners learn about the Conservation Commission's concern over private dock development and that
"Dock Sharing" be considered as solution Click

1/9/13 Harbor Commission takes first look at 2013-2014
Budget with concerns about raising fees

1/2/13 Planners face a
challenging request for a home in the Shores High Groundwater Table District

12/20/12 Superintendent
details to the School Committee actions taken after  learning about events in Connecticut

Planning Commission hears application for home in the middle of the Shores wetlands area

12/12/12 Harbor Commission reviews financial impact of long range plan in preparation for 2013 rates and fees
Click for

12/6/12 School Committee receives
presentations from students in Melrose and Lawn School on their  Science Projects
Click for

12/5/12 Planners are asked to approve changes to
Simpatico building
Click for

11/27/12 Zoning Board hears requests for variance on two applications
ending their work for 2012 Click for

Superintendent updates School Committee on WPRI's Investigative Report about RI teachers attendance Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

11/14/12 Harbor Commission gets
report on damages from storm Sandy  Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

11/1/12 School Committee discusses changes to the Rhode Island Open Meetings Law
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/23/12 Zoning Board hears two applications for variance on North Island

Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/18/12 School Committee hears details on Science
NECAP score proficiency drop
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/17/12 Planning Board hears proposal to amend High Groundwater Table and Impervious Layer Overlay District
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/10/12 Harbor Commission gets rare Open Forum question about
increased fee to the Town for services Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/4/13 School Committee considers ways to
stay connected with High School students Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/3/12 Planning Commission covers
"grave" issues in changes to Historic and Archaeological language Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/20/12 Councilor Mike White explains to School Committee his reasons for
not continuing to serve at their meetings as Liaison Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc. 9.20.12

9/19/12 Planning Commission puts the finishing touches on regulations for
Accessory Family Dwelling Units in Zoning Ordinance Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/12/12 Harbor Commission considers future of floating docks at
Fort Getty boat ramp along with Conservation Commission concerns Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Committee members take inspection tour of Lawn and Melrose facilities Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Police are needed to provide security at North Kingstown School Committee meeting Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Committee gets mixed signals about progress on No Child Left Behind report ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Conservation Commission reviews options regarding the Hull Cove wetlands damage Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Planners make progress on language for Council's proposed Accessory Dwelling Units ordinance
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

 Chief explains to Harbor members problems with changes in goals
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Planners review and discuss in detail a draft Accessory Dwelling ordinance
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Board approves hiring of more new teachers to fill vacancies
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

7/24/12  Zoning Board hears an application for home in the Shores with neighbors objecting
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

New owners of the former Town Offices building on Southwest Avenue present designs to Planning Commission Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Committee meets new full time teachers Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Portsmouth Town Council attempt to deal with Turbine failure and costs
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Zoning Board hears just two applications after several months of not meeting Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

 School Committee approves the appointment of Deborah DiBiase as the new Lawn Avenue School Principal
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Planning Commission takes on Accessory Apartment regulations
ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

6/13/12 Harbor Chair questions Councilor Bowen's
private talks with CRMC ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Committee votes on Teacher's Contract and awards $4,000 in scholarships Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Planners get full tour of Portsmouth's Wind Turbine Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

School Committee member makes note of teacher retirement news ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/16/12 Wind Turbine and Fort Getty both hit Planning Board's agenda Turbine Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.  
Fort Getty Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Councilor Bowen refuses to disclose CRMC meeting attendees to Harbor Commission claiming meeting is "informal" Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Sailing Foundation asks Harbor Commission to run kayak rental business at Fort Getty this season Click forspan class="MediumHeading"> Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Teachers report on “Building a Strong Foundation” a RIDE supported initiative designed to increase student achievement in math for new National Common Core Standardsn>

Superintendent gets approval for new Director of Curriculum

Planning Chair informs Commission that visit to Portsmouth Turbine needs formal vote and proper posting

Superintendent reports on vandalism at School Committee Meeting

Planning Commission hears from citizens about Turbine recommendation

Aquidneck Ferry Service runs into more concerns at Newport's Waterfront Commission meeting

Harbor Commission looks at new Ferry Service proposal in more detail

School Committee takes another crack at their budget requests prior to the Town Council meeting next week

Planners begin process of reviewing recommendation to Zoning Board for Taylor Point Wind Turbine

Click here to see Video of a Turbine being built in 1 Minute

Planners review first draft of Economic Development Plan and Strategy

School Committee moves forward to address $14,000,000+ OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) unfunded liability

Planners review housing goals in Comprehensive Plan  Update

School Committee hears results of NECAP tests

Harbor Commission faces public scrutiny at Special Budget Approval Meeting

At first meeting in 2012 Zoning Board votes on 3 applications for variances

School Committee responds to Tax Payer group's list of questions prior to voting on $11,420,936 Budget

Planners review new Comp Plan Land  Maps

School Committee member objects to resolution against House Bill to make teacher's union contract continuation mandatory.

Chief seeks budget approval from Harbor Commission to add Police Officer to Harbor Master's team

School Committee gets first look at Proposed 2012-13 Operating Budget

School Superintendent responds to Teacher's Union letter to the School Committee Chair expressing concerns about their increased work load.

Commissioner responds to impact of higher fees during review of proposed 2012/2013 budget

Planner has significant issue with Comprehensive Plan re-write concerning downtown Parking needs

Harbor has new mooring issues to address

Zoning Board not feeling the holiday spirit towards two applications for variances

JEF wins $$$ for SAMS

School Committee gets background on Report Card security glitch during trial run

Planning Commission and neighbors see changes to 5 Affordable Housing Units at Hammett Ct. before vote on approval

11/17/11 School Committee learns of parent's concerns about electronic report card glitch

Planning Commission hears public comments at hearing for 5 affordable housing units at Hammett Court

Yoga and Wellness Center at former Press building runs into opposition with their application at Zoning Board hearing

Harbor Commission learns of challenges to Fort Getty water designation change from Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission reviews new plans for Wind Turbine relocation that avoids major re-zoning

Planning Commission hears suggestions from Town Planner about including an Economic Development Plan

After 3 months off, Zoning Board meets to check on chicken permit and Shores special use request by former Town Solicitor

School Committee hears results of NECAP Science Test Scores

Planning Commission hears application for Yoga and Wellness Center at former Press building

Harbor Commission is asked to consider a last minute change to the update of the Harbor Plan regarding contiguous waterfront  lot ownerships

North Kingstown's new Superintendent of Schools, Phil Auger, goes on the record about their relationship with Jamestown

NK Student's Opinion

School Committee member empathizes with fellow RI teachers about the challenges of new  Model Educator Evaluation System

Planners continue with updates of Comp. Plan

Marina operators speak out on costs of  changes to the Harbor Management Ordinance and Management Plan

Planners get update to Build Out figures from 2010 census figures

School Committee gets report on new food service contractor and energy audit issues.

Town Planners handle two applications for Shores properties in the High Ground Water District submitted by former Town Solicitor

The School Committee inspects Lawn and Melrose facilities for the 2011-2012 session

Planner asks for changes in Open Space description

Harbor Commission gets update on Fort Getty boat ramp repair issues

Neighbors of Hammett Court affordable housing project express concerns to Planners before fast track vote

Church Community Housing and Bridges Inc. application for 5 affordable units hits unexpected snag at Planning meeting

$100,000+ Fort Getty boat ramp repairs are called "useless" by boater at Harbor Commission meeting!

School Committee Chair, Cathy Kaiser writes, directs and performs a "Goodbye" tribute to Director of Pupil Services, Gwenn Spence

North Kingstown School Committee deals with more changes in Department's leadership

Planning Commission meets with Chamber of Commerce for input into the Comprehensive Plan update

Harbor Commission clears up 19 mooring forfeitures and attempts to protect use of "Mooring Fee Revenues" before Monday's Council vote

School Committee gives OK to investigate better performing High Schools should NK decide to opt out of contract.

Town Planner, Lisa Bryer, reviews Shoreby Hill Historic District research Grant with Planning Commission

School Committee uncertain about Town Administrator's formula for budget cuts should Taxpayer's Motion succeed at Financial Town Meeting

Planning Commission sets Open Space and Recreation fee for Bunkley 2-lot Minor Subdivision

Harbor Commission has tight vote on changes to West Ferry Conservation Zone anchorage regulations

School Committee votes on North Kingstown High School contract for next school year's students

Planning Commission votes on 2 lot sub-division at Clarke & Columbia

Education Commissioner Gist lays out the facts about Rhode Island's standing in US and World student performance at her Public Forum for Jamestown

School Committee weighs in on new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy

UCOA School data at the Office of Statewide Efficiencies incorrectly  ranks Jamestown as 3rd highest instead of 13th in Per Pupil Spending by not counting 233 High School students. See more UCOA reports

Planning Commission is asked to approve significant renovation plans for entrance to St. Mark's Church.

3/23/11 Town Planner tells commission about backlog of sub-divisions.

3/17/11 Science And Math Scholars Program sponsored by NASA hits its stride with Lawn School students.

3/17/11 School Committee faces resignation request from key Administrative Team member

3/10/11 Tax Payers Association questions School Committee about per student costs and future charges from North Kingstown

3/10/11 School Committee reports on Executive Session vote regarding Superintendent Lukon's contract.

3/9/11 Harbor Commission has some Divine Intervention at the start of Wednesday night's meeting!

3/7/11 2011 Harbor use fees are voted on by the Town Council after another hour of debate.

3/2/11 Planners hear Lions Club history with Ft. Getty Pavilion

3/1/11 Special Harbor meeting and vote to amend the Harbor Budget that could lead to 25% increase in fees may have been in violation of Open Meeting Laws.

2/17/11 School Committee votes on budget to send to Council with increase in spending.

2/16/11 Several Planners still uncertain over using 2010 survey results for comparison with larger returns from 1998 survey

2/15/11 School Committee hears details of JESPA Union Contract and votes on approval.

2/9/11 Harbor Commissioner talks about the "Elephant in the room!" when reviewing new Asset Management Plan document.

2/3/11 School Committee put 9 teachers on notice for layoff as required by law
Click for 2011-12 Proposed Detailed Budget
Click for Budget Overview

2/3/11 Review highlights $406,000 of health benefit overhead for 26 retired teachers!

1/27/11 Superintendent Presents Proposed 2011 Budget to the School Committee with an increase request.

1/20/11 School Committee gets a sample of classroom technology at Melrose meeting

1/19/11 Planners put Wind Turbine
Comprehensive Plan on timetable

1/13/11 School Committee makes a decision about North Kingstown High School for 2011-12 classes

1/6/11 School Committee meets at Melrose School to get update on technology improvements.

1/5/11 Former Council member weighs in on sub-division before Planners

12/30/10 School Committee holds a Special Meeting to review SORICO contract obligations before year's end

12/16/10 Superintendent Lukon updates the School Committee on changes in Background Checks for Volunteers and Flue Clinic charges.

12/15/10 Planning Commission digs into road maintenance and inconsistent policy towards Private Roads!

12/8/10 Harbor Commission votes on Budget proposal that will increase fees 25 percent.

12/2/10 School Committee is asked to approve 5000+ Book Room with $23,000 of Stimulus Funds.

12/1/10 Planner objects to Comp. Plan language that puts property values at odds with lower Tax Rates!

11/18/10 School Committee approves Teachers Contract after months of negotiations.

11/16/10 Variance applicant discovers how to not win approval from the Zoning Board.

11/10/10 Final amendment to Harbor Ordinance redistributes funds from users.

11/10/10 Former Chair of Harbor Commission  presents history of decision to raise fees

11/4/10 School Committee given science problem to understand plans to improve low NECAP test scores.

11/3/10 Another Planner shows concern about Town Survey not being direct mailed to every single household.

10/25/10 The Town Planner reviews problems using $450,000+ Grant funds with Council

10/21/10 School Committee reviews  problems using $425,000 of grants the School Department has been awarded

10/13/10 Mooring Fees become hot issue at Harbor Commission meeting! Familiar rivals square off again over changes to Management Plan.

9/28/10 Zoning Board makes decision on Island Energy's use of 79 North Road (Former home of Ocean State Scuba)

9/15/10 Town Survey returns drop by 60%. Planners believe problem was with distribution method

9/16/10 Superintendent Lukon offers Non-Resident Tuition figures to the School Committee.

9/8/10 Harbor Commission struggles with proposal to increase mooring revenue "contribution" towards infrastructure upkeep

9/1/10 Planning Commission comments on preliminary plans of 4 lot Sub-Division off East Shore Road

8/26/10 School Committee hears final results of bus parking negotiations.

8/26/10 Enrollment count is up in High School with more expected

7/27/10 Island Energy feels the heat from Zoning Board

7/26/10 Councilor Murphy reveals his claims of funds abuse against previous JEMS Board that his wife was a member of.

7/14/10 North Pier at East Ferry has serious wash out. Harbor Commission hears repair plans.

6/9/10 Design flaws found with new Town pier at East Ferry

Harbor Commission reviews mooring relocation policy's fairness toward those on the waiting list!

6/3/10 School Committee makes a decision on High School. Kind of, sort of, maybe...

6/2/10 DEM makes presentation to Planning Commission about the benefits of Conservation Development zoning.

5/25/10 Zoning Board rules on Dutch Harbor Shack hours!

5/20/10 School Committee votes on 3 year bus contract without a guaranteed place to park them.

5/20/10 Superintendent Lukon and her staff get final decision on $122,000 rebate from State Transportation System.

5/6/10 School Committee reviews Volunteer Background- Check policy!

5/5/10 Planning Commission tweaks Comprehensive Plan survey and agrees to offer On-line option for residents.

4/27/10 Zoning Board Approves First Wind Turbine for the Village District!

4/15/10 School Committee Chair misses first meeting in 9 years.  Vice Chair Kallfelz takes controls.

4/14/10 Harbor Commission member condemns the use of mooring funds for Town Dock improvements.

4/7/10 Planning Commission moves Cotrell Farm - 3 lot  subdivision, closer to approval

3/18/10 New Property Tax assessments with Vision Appraisal were reviewed at  workshop

3/4/10 School Committee debates capping unreserved fund balance!

3/4/10 School Committee hears about new Charter School for South County...

3/4/10 Student NECAP scores are improving!

3/3/10 Planning Commission asked to adopt new Zoning Regulations for developments

3/1/10 School Committee handcuffed at meeting with Town Council and State Legislators.

2/23/10 Zoning Board approves five requests for changes.

3/25/10 School Committee Votes to ask the General Assembly to kill Senate Bill S2603... but not unanimously!

3/10/10 Harbor Commission faces member's motion to stop fishing at East Ferry docks

22/11/10 LastLast Week the Last Week the School Committee approved the 2010-2011 budget they will recommend to the Town Council. However, there was a very serious discussion about North Kingstown's roll in the High School Review process.

10/21/14 Traffic Committee takes several steps to address problems with Park Dock overnight parking Click Here 10.21.14

Conservation Commission reviews Scout's plans to open High Street Right of Way for public access Click Here 10.14.14

Trash Talk! RI Association of Conservation Commissions presents The Future of the Central Landfill  Click for 9.22.14

Conservation Commission has detailed look at Rights of Way improvements island-wide Click

Traffic Committee hears about more East Shore Road issues with property owner
Click Here

Traffic Committee hears from Reservoir Circle residents over abuses by East Shore Road contractors Click Here

AG's 2014 Summit provides updates on Access to Records and Open Meeting Rules Click for 8.1.14

Traffic Committee hears requests for improvements on North Road and parking at rights-of-way  Click Here 7.15.14

With barely a quorum present the Conservation Commission has a full agenda for their last meeting until September
 Click Here 7.10.14

Tick Task Force continues work on final document to present to the Town Council on their findings Click Here 6.16.14

Conservation Commission welcomes new member with strong environmental consulting background Click Here 6.12.14

Task Force mulls recommendations
to Council Click Here 6.3.14

Conservation group votes to use $3,000 gift from citizen on dune grass restoration and hears explanation for  Bag Ban opposition Click Here 5.15.14

Traffic Committee hears proponents for Helm Street stop signs, speed limit increases and parking at the Bay Voyage Click Here 5.12.14

Tick Task Force meets to discuss their recommendations to the Town Council for action Click Here 5.12.14

Final Tick Task Force symposium about possible solutions draws full house of concerned citizens Click Here

Tick Task Force meeting discussed possible solutions to Lyme ticks. Councilor Mihaly sent us the presentation to pass on. Click Here

Conservation Commission gets update on Round Marsh restoration project and Mackerel Cove grass replacement funding problems Click

Council members and new Town Administrator attend Tick Task Force workshop to learn first hand about solutions Click

Conservation Commission member Brown tries again to legislate Plastic Bag Ban on store owners Click Here

Dr. England answers questions and concerns at Tick Task Force workshop following 90 minute video of severe Lyme Disease cases Click

Conservation Commission reviews problems with CRMC Policy and prepares Annual Report to Council Click Here

Tick Task Force workshop presents first of several films about the growing risks to the Island's population.
Victims share stories about being infected Click

1/14/14 Conservation Commission reacts to news of pending staff changes regarding GIS technology use Click

12/8/13 Planners were
asked to explain why Appeal language for property owners on Lower Shoreby Hills moratorium request was dropped Click for

11/12/13 Conservation Commission meets with Hull Cove residents to review boardwalk plans and hear their concerns Click for

10/24/13 With all members in attendance, Conservation Commission covers lots of ground on issues of concern
Click for

Conservation Commission had a full agenda that included dune restoration, Tick Task Force, bird banding and 20 acres for sale on Beavertail Click

7/11/13 Conservation Commission has interesting discussion about
trail maintenance and guides Click

Conservation Commission continues working on Mackerel Cove dune restoration and acknowledges plantings contribution from  Mr. Walter Boll Click

Bridge and Turnpike Authority move ahead on Pell Bridge median barrier and hold on Sakonnet Tolls  Click 6.11.14

5/21/13 Newport's Historic District Commission hears from Zoning Officer about
policies & procedures for decisions Click

Newest Conservation member tracks down plantings for Mackerel Cove Dune Restoration to make up for eelgrass shortage Click

4/9/13 Conservation Commission greets
new member Anne Kuhn-Hines and learns about her background Click

3/26/13 Conservation Commission
has Special meeting to set priorities and plans to move ahead after resignation of Chair Click

Housing Authority still short members to serve on Board Click

3/12/13 North Kingstown School Committee meeting begins with review of many recent student achievements

 Plastic Bag Reduction method is reconsidered by Commission  Click

Surprise resignation of Conservation Commission Chair Carol Trocki puts a damper on really good news about Island projects Click

Commission members have serious debate about the limitations of their role as an advisory board

2013 Priorieties and Official Charge  boundaries review continues at Conservation Commission meeting

1/23/13 pan>Housing Authority Board is asked to approve engineering proposal for fire suppression system Click

1/15/13 "We want people to not build docks"
says Conservation Board member over CRMC notification

Commissioner visits 18 Jamestown businesses about Plastic Bag Ban.  Hears of cost burdens to comply with demands

1/15/13 Conservation Commission reviews their
2013 Priorities and the town's Comprehensive Plan oversight responsibilities

12/12/12 Housing Authority makes final plans for Holiday Events and
says farewell to Board Members
Click for

12/11/13 Conservation Commission votes on how to move Jamestown into the controversial Plastic Bag Ban

11/14/12 Housing Authority sets plans for Thanksgiving Dinner and has election of Board leadership!
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

11/13/12 Conservation Commission has serious difficulty agreeing on recommendations for repairs to Mackerel Cove
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

10/9/12 Conservation Commission makes their position clear to Harbor Commission about
Fort Getty's improvements
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/13/12 Conservation Commission mulls
Mackerel Cove parking changes to restore dunes and Harbor Fees to fund water quality tests
Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/13/12 November Ballot positions picked by Board of Canvassers Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

9/12/12 Housing Authority Chair's son Brian Anthony beats out 50 applicants for new $50,000/year Operations Manager position Click Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

8/8/12 Housing Authority gets a few dozen applicants for $50K Office Manager job  ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

7/19/12 Board of Canvassers meets for
lottery of candidate listing order on the September Primary ballot Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

7/17/12  Board of Canvassers sign nomination papers and learn the  identity of
Democrat Primary candidates
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

7/12/12Conservation Commission makes plans for update to popular Trail Guide Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

7/11/12 Housing Authority Board members are asked to approve a new Operations Manager position that will assume many of the duties being performed by the Chair's son. Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

Conservation Commission looks at shoreline change maps for Mackerel Cove
Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

6/8/12 Conservation Commission and local farms host BioBlitz 2012 Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/15/12 The Housing Authority swears in officers and new committee ClickJamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

8/14/12 Canvassing Board learns of major changes to voting districts and polling places Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

5/8/12 Conservation Commission has second thoughts about their recommendation to Town Council on Wind Turbine Click for Jamestown, RI., On The Record Media, Inc.

4/10/12 Conservation Commission takes a position on aesthetic elements of Taylor Point wind turbine proposal

Facilities team finishing up Golf Course options

Conservation Commission mulls over Fort Getty, Mackerel Cove, Sheffield Cove and Wind Turbine placement

Jamestown Housing Authority Board votes unanimously to hire new Executive Director

Town Building and Facilities committee hears about space needs from Recreation Director

Housing Authority  sets Transfer Policy

Conservation Commission hears disturbing news about Fox Hill and Sheffield Coves

Board of Canvassers sets aside 
letter accusing member of Harbor Commission with improper voter registration

Facilities team lists Rec Dept space needs

Jamestown Housing Authority addresses policy for tenant internal transfer requests

Conservation Commission reviews plans to have Water Resource Protection Committee under their charge

Bike Path design committee selects engineering firm after reviewing 8 design proposals

Building and Facilities Committee reviews Golf Course Building, Community Center and even a little bit of Fort Getty future buildings

Housing Authority reviews upgrade policy

Conservation Commission meets with Harbor Commission member to consider Fort Getty waters designation change

Housing Authority continues search for new Executive Director and moves ahead with holiday event planning

Bike Path Design Committee accepts letter from DOT as OK to spend design funds approved at Financial Town Meeting

Conservation Commission hears about application for Aquaculture Educational Permit at Sheffield Cove

Housing Authority turns to D & V Associates for interim Director

Facilities Group reviews report on Golf Course Building

Conservation Commission reviews Town Council's action plan for Fort Getty

Bike Path Design Committee prepares for meeting with DOT next week

 Board of Canvassers express concern over a DMV change to voter's party designation

Canvassing Board makes note of Tax Payer's

Buildings and Facilities group works on Golf Course Bldg. report

Conservation Commission finalizes position letter to Town Council regarding Fort Getty uses!

Only 2 weeks left to register as a candidate for School Committee in this year's local election. Karen Montoya talks about the process and voting changes

Shores Association meets with Conservation Commission about several concerns with Land Trust stewardship take-over

Charter Commission learns of unknown Charter  language in amendments approved by voters in 2002 Update!

Conservation Commission member passionately explains his concerns about the future of Fort Getty

After  lengthy discussion Charter Commission takes a vote on recommendations to Town Council

Charter Review Commission begins discussion of Financial Town Meeting future

Chief Christman wants Recall Provision

LNG Threat Committee member speaks directly with Hess LNG President & CEO Gordon Shearer  about withdrawal

Conservation Commission continues efforts to have Beavertail property violations addressed

Library Board of Trustees has regular monthly meeting and it's on "The Record" for the first time!

Building and Facilities has dim view of clubhouse fix

Residents of Blueberry Lane attend Zoning Board meeting and object to an 11-inch variance request by Jim Estes

Canvassers meet with Moderator to review FTM

Canvassers plan for Financial Town Meeting voting requests from

Former Town Council member addresses Conservation Commission about CRMC violations by her client on old Beavertail golf course

School Committee hears from Town Council about teacher community partnership!

Planning Commission hears about Fort Getty workshop format that will be held later this month

Board of Canvassers reject claim that voters were turned away at last Financial Town Meeting!

Local reporter becomes pro-active over affordable housing shortage!

Harbor Facilities Sub Committee begins task of identifying financial management jurisdictions  for all shoreline assets.

Threat Committee hears about plans from student to circulate petition against LNG transports in the bay!

Conservation Commission sends Town Council their position on Renewable Energy and Wind Turbine Moratorium

Recycle Committee questions 2010  numbers for Cap Penalty!

Island Rubbish corrects misinformation

3/23/11 Recycle Committee debates plan to remove commercial pick-ups against CAP limits to exceed State Landfill benchmarks.

3/15/11 LNG Threat Committee meeting's Congress Of Council update leaves questions about Fall River's press access confusion

3/8/11 Conservation Commission reviews multiple
violations on Beavertail Road properties

Recycle group gets bad news about plans for using Transfer Station

3/1/11 Conservation Commission met to discuss
Wind Turbine Ordinance and Proposed Wind Development Moratorium

Recycle Committee establishes education strategy to avoid further penalties from RI Resource Recovery

Recycle group hears reasons Commercial tons are not counted!

Pemberton plan for more off-street parking stalls

Wind Turbine ordinance is mulled
by Conservation Commission

Commission takes a hard look at Harbor zone boundaries and rules

Recycle Group plans education program before  pushing Pay-to-  Throw trial

Next Congress of Councils will be in Fall River February 16th

1/11/11 Conservation Commission hears concerns about the Penguin Plunge impact on Mackerel Cove dunes

Recycle Group picks plan to raise collections

12/15/10 Facilities group reviews Rec. department's needs and Wish List.

12/14/10 Bike Path Designers don't give up on North Road

12/9/10 A Transfer  Station user weighs in on Pay-To-Throw Program

12/8/10 Pemberton's new winter parking lot work is still waiting on John Brown

12/1/10 Recycle Committee is urged by Portsmouth to recommend a " Pilot " Pay-To-Throw program for Transfer Station users.

11/23/10 LNG Threat Committee is pleased that the National Park Service has thrown another objection against  Hess LNG.

11/17/10 Building & Facilities group brainstorms on uses for Golf course building.

Facilities group brainstorms on uses for Golf course building.

Conservation Board member reports on newest Tick Control System.

11/16/10 Conservation Commission Reviews Harbor Zones for Boater Regulations in New Harbor Plan

11/16/10 Conservation Commission Reviews Harbor Zones for Boater Regulations in New Harbor Plan

11/16/10 LNG Threat Committee gets early news of Save The Bay's latest efforts to stop Weaver's Cove project.

11/10/10 Indian Tribe makes decision on Pemberton parking lot plans.

11/9/10 LNG Threat Committee will take action with election results.

11/3/10 Pay-To-Throw may not be necessary to achieve better recycle ratings!

10/20/10 Building and Facilities Board hear of 2 Council member's ideas.

10/3/10 Pay-To-Throw may not be necessary to achieve better recycle ratings!

10/12/10 Bike Path Committee reaches a decision on a proposal to add safety "chatter" lines to North Road.

10/12/10 Conservation Commission hears about Keep America Beautiful program and recycle firm's participation.

9/7/10 Congress of Councils convened at the Community Center.

9/1/10 Bike Path Design Committee learns about the roll of "DAM" Consultants

8/25/10 Recycle Committee reviews Pilot Program for Transfer Station

8/24/10 JAMESTOWN BOARD OF CANVASSERS met to review eligible voters list and prepare for September 14th primary. Totals increase!

8/18/10 Housing Authority acknowledges Jack's Electric and the Chamber of Commerce for their generosity.

Annual "Open Government Summit" on the Record!

7/28/10 AARP Chair tells the Shores Association about the new Health Care reform acts.

7/28/10 Recycle Committee reviews four plans with Town Administrator

7/14/10 Jamestown Housing Authority meets under watchful eyes of Pemberton tenants and Town Council member

7/13/10 New Juvenile Hearing Board gets
coaching from RI Family Court in preparation for important duties.

7/12/10 Affordable Housing Committee sees plans for 3 new units that will get $200,000+ aid from Town.

6/30/10 Conservation Commission uses Tax Assessor correspondence to build case against property owner's environmental  request for relief.

6/9/10 Conservation Commission Chair preps members about his departure schedule!

4/8/10 Traffic Committee hears "Parking" complaints

4/7/10 Recycle Committee member describes Pay-As-You-Throw plan as just another way to TAX.

4/7/10 Planning Commission Reviews The Comprehensive Plan Survey and the goal of specific questions.

4/7/10 Bike Path Design Committee hears from "Rolling Agenda" as they prepare their final report to the Town Council

3/16/10 Conservation Commission gets $15,000 grant from CRMC for Round Marsh Restoration Project bringing total fund to $74,000

2/9/10 The Wind Energy Committee voted Tuesday night on turbine locations to present to the Council next Tuesday.

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