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Q. What is New Media Reporting?

With the on-set of the Internet, getting information to the public has changed dramatically.  Within moments of an event, a web page can be published and served up to the world.

Combined with digital imaging technology the public can instantly access recordings of meetings and events they normally would not have time to attend.
New media is able to efficiently fill the user's request of "Show me what happened" with recordings, while traditional media users have had to settle for "Tell me what happened".

Unfortunately, the trust in old media is dwindling. Public awareness of agenda based publishers and biased reporting practices has created a demand for "verifiable" information.

New media reporting allows the public to see things for themselves without editorial comments. They clearly can get "The facts and nothing but the facts."

Q. Are you really a "Daily" Record?

Some might say that a community the size of Jamestown can't have something news worthy every day. Yes, under traditional newspaper printing standards that might be true.

New media however, can be published with less overhead and almost instantly. Our goal is to have something to add to The Record offerings every day.

We work to have Town Council and School Committee meetings on line the next day by noon. On those occasions when there are multiple meetings on the same night, it might take us a bit longer.

For those times when there just isn't enough Front Page material, we will be featuring our live "East Ferry Cam" that runs from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.

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